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Dear Friends of Home of Hope,

Thank you for your consistent prayers and support! We really couldn’t do all the things we do without you.  Here’s a brief update about the last three months at the Home.
On 18 June Hope Academy celebrated its second graduation ceremony where all of the children who completed HA got certificates and graduated!  It was amazing to have all our staff, friends, and supporters attend the ceremony followed by a lunch for all at our campus in Mansourieh.  Each child received a certificate of graduation along with lots of cheers and clapping as they walked the stage to shake Principal Steven’s hand and formally graduate.  It was an inspiring day for all!
Summer Club:
As soon as HA ended we began Summer Club - All day summer activities at the Home. Everything from Computer Coding, to literacy support, fun science projects and even outings every Friday.  In April we started a money management and personal finance program.  The kids get money for going to school (their career) and for doing various chores around the Home.  Then we open the Summer Club Store every Friday and each child can decide if s/he wants to spend his/her money that day on treats and snacks, or save the money for a big outing like a day at the pool or going to the mall for a movie.
Artistic Expression:
Home of Hope teamed up with Rusted Radishes and novelist/author Patricia Sarrafian Ward to conduct a writing and artist book workshop with our kids!  At the end, some of our kids ended up making and binding their own picture books!  It was a great lesson in creative writing and self-expression, and holding on to the final product made our kids so proud!

Not only that, in June, our kids attended an end of the year exhibition event in partnership with Ayadina, where their artwork was displayed from throughout the year.  It was great to see them so proud of their work, and to have many others come and applaud them as well!

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